Our sponsors

We wouldn’t be able to do what we do without your donations. In addition, we wish to thank the organisations who have donated products, services and time. These have been invaluable to us and continue to be so, a huge thank you from us.

Copywriting for Charities

Thanks to Jack at Copywriting for Charities, an amazing project that has put us in touch with some extremely generous people. Thank you Siobhan O’Brien, Shauna Maguire and Philip Ross.

Discount Banner Printing for banners
HFE Signs Ltd for PVC banners
Havenswift Hosting

A big thank you to all of the team at Havenswift, particularly to Ian for putting up with Angela’s stream of questions.


Original Orange Octopus

The wonderful Ashley, http://www.ppsidbureau.co.uk/

SignFirm for banners