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  1. Baltimore firehouseWe are thrilled to report that our very own founder and CEO Dawn Green has been invited to participate in this year's "Heat it to Beat it" event in Baltimore!

    Pseudomyxoma Survivor has also kindly been offered an awareness table at the event and Dawn has also been invited to give a small presentation before the event gets underway!

    The wonderful Dr Sardi organises this 2.2mile sponsored walk yearly in conjunction with the Mercy Medical Centre for awareness, education and research into peritoneal carcinomatosis.

    We feel incredibly honoured to take part, feedback from Dawn to follow over the weekend!


    It's not too late to sponsor Dawn ....

    To find out more about Heat it to Beat it, please visit


  2. We have been having a discussion within our support group about the fact that the internet will focus on the more 'sensational' rather than the more 'mundane' (for want of better words as mundane certainly isn't a word we would generally apply to the treatment of any of pseudomyxoma patient). So we asked for some of the support group members to share their stories just to show that there isn't always complications and sometimes things just turn out well.

    Mel shares her story with Pseudomyxoma SurvivorMel tells us her story:

    Mel shares her story with Pseudomyxoma SurvivorI was discharged from the Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital just 13 days after surgery. I did spend a few days in my local hospital two weeks later due to blood clots on my lungs but five months down the line I have not looked back. I would make the same decision to have the operation even after having it and knowing what I do now. I now have no evidence of disease Mel shares her story with Pseudomyxoma Survivor(NED) and am back to normal.



    Christi shares her story:

    Christi shares her story with Pseudomyxoma SurvivorI had CRS/HIPEC on October 2009. I spent three days in ICU, due mostly to a previously unknown allergy to morphine. I spent 11 days as an inpatient, recovering from mostly said allergic reaction and getting my system running after said issues. I was up walking a lot on day four. The naso-gastric tube was a pain, but I was back eating without any more issues than I had pre-op at 11 days. I returned to work with just as active a life at three months and surely figure I wouldn't be here today without it. I have been aChristi shares her story with Pseudomyxoma Survivorble to care for and sadly see my parents pass as well as see my sweet daughter start junior high, aside from a few more gray hairs, splotchy complexion and the menopause.

    So you see, it isn't all doom and gloom. There are people who have been treated relatively uneventfully and are here to tell the tale. There will be more of these stories to come. You can also read more on our Survivors' Stories page.

  3. Jennifer, her friends and family raising awareness of pseudomyxoma peritonei

    Jennifer, her friends and family raising awareness of pseudomyxoma peritoneiOn August 31st, Jennifer MacDougall ran the 6K Strathclyde Park road race with family and close friends to raise money for Pseudomyxoma Survivor and increase awareness of Pseudomyxoma Peritonei. In May this year during a planned section of her baby boy, Euan, it was discovered that Jennifer had a mucinous cyst on her appendix. Both the cyst and the mucin were removed at the section. This experience inspired Jennifer to raise awareness of Pseudomyxoma Peritonei. At present the running team have raised over £3500!!

    A huge thank you to Jennifer and her friends and family from us here at Pseudomyxoma Survivor, what an amazing story. 

    If you would like to support Jennifer and her running team, please visit

  4. Today marks the 3rd year of successfully registering Pseudomyxoma Survivor as an official UK charity.

    Thank you to each and every one of our supporters, for all that you do to ensure that we continue to raise awareness of pseudomyxoma and other variations of peritoneal surface malignancies.

    Happy Anniversary!!!!