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20,000 visits!

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Just looking at the site traffic statistics and now see we have had over 20,000 visits to the site since it began back in August 2010 which is simply amazing!

With your help we are spreading the word and raising more awareness of this rare disease and in turn saving lives and support the lifes of those fighting!

Overwhelming and inspiring progress!

Thank you x

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  1. carol

    im having this done 12/08/2011 i have staged 4 colon cancer its in my linning of my adbomen doctoc called it same kinda cancer and that it was slow moving since i had crohns disease i always thought my problems were that they plan on doing the heated chemo wash with surgery i hope it works since putting chemo in my vains woundnt work so go on this tiep of cancer . though they well put me on chemo afterward to make sure they're getting it all. im glad to see how well you seem to be . im praying im going to be 48 in dec

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