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Pseudomyxoma Research

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Pseudomyxoma Survivor is supporting Mr Andrew Renehan in his researchPseudomyxoma Survivor is supporting Professor Peter Stern in his researchPseudomyxoma Survivor is pleased to announce a £3,500 donation to support the research work of Mr Andrew Renehan and Professor Peter Stern in the Paterson Laboratories, at the Christie Hospital, Manchester.

Briefly, the project to date has successfully grown PMP cells in the laboratory, which no other lab has yet done. The next phase, which is under commencement and which this donation will help fund, is to test various chemotherapy drugs against these cells.

This is extremely exciting research and Pseudomyxoma Survivor is proud to be able to support it.  We wouldn't have been able to achieve this without your donations, so a big thank you to those that have contributed.  We are looking to continue support of this important work so please keep those donations coming in.



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  1. Orna Pelleg

    Hallo, I am a PMP survivor, so far (in july 4 years after CSR- HIPEC), Living in Rotterdam,Holland. I would like to follow your site. I 'll try to write to you about my story. Greetings Orna

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  2. tommy b. viladsen

    hello my name is tommy and im from denmark... i resently underwent surgery and now im stable and having a breack in the ct:-) next step is scanning the 9th of may and result the following week...i feel well and are gaining more and more psysical strength by fitness and martial arts! many greatings from denmark tommy

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