Pseudomyxoma Buddies

Just found out you are facing Pseudomyxoma Peritonei?
Perhaps you are already living through it?

Pseudomyxoma BuddiesMaybe a Pseudomyxoma Buddy can help you.  A Pseudomyxoma Buddy is someone who is willing support someone else affected with Pseudomyxoma Peritonei by sharing their own experience on a one to one basis. This could happen face to face, by email, or by telephone. The Pseudomyxoma Buddy complements, rather than replaces, support given by partners, family, friends and healthcare professionals.

How does the Pseudomyxoma Buddies system work?

Some people facing Pseudomyxoma find it difficult to talk to their families or to their friends. We often hear that they don't want to cause loved ones any more distress.  Being able to talk to someone is important; being able to talk to someone who has been in a similar situation is even more valuable.  If you feel that you would rather share your fears and feelings with someone who understands, then we can help.

Pseudomyxoma Buddies is directed towards people whose lives have been affected in some way by Pseudomyxoma Peritonei and who would like support on a one-to-one basis.  We have a nationwide network of Buddies who can support you by phone, by email and face to face.  Our Buddies are all volunteers who themselves have experience of Pseudomyxoma and understand what you are going through.  Many are trained counsellors and are happy to listen and to discuss experiences.  Most of all they are just someone who will break the loneliness that so many of us endure.

To start connecting with your Pseudomyxoma Buddy, please fill out the contact form below. The Pseudomyxoma Buddies Facilitator will contact you to find out a bit more about you to enable you to be matched up with a Buddy. The Facilitator will organise the initial contact. The level of contact you have with each other is entirely at your discretion, what you both feel comfortable with and have time for.

Buddies are all survivors or carers, information shared is from our perspective - we are not health care professionals. We are all individuals, everyone is different. We recommend that you take advice from your doctors for specific information.

How do I become a Pseudomyxoma Buddy?

As a Pseudomyxoma Buddy, you would be providing a listening service to someone affected by Pseudomyxoma Peritonei.  This will enable you to provide emotional support to that person and to pick up any major issues that the person may be having difficulty with.  Pseudomyxoma Buddies should not attempt to answer any medical questions and should be able to signpost the member to the appropriate person or persons who may be able to answer some of their concerns.  Buddies are not counsellors nor are they a substitute for a trained medical professional. They are there mostly just to let the person know that someone cares.

If you think that you have something to offer as a Buddy, please complete the form above.  Though a generous time commitment is involved, the payoff for the individual is immense. You will learn basic interpersonal skills that will be available to you for a lifetime.  Do you know of anyone who has the gifts to become a Buddy, who is a compassionate person with good listening skills?  Encourage that person! If you are such a person, offer yourself!

Buddies are:

  • willing to commit a regular time, say an hour a week, for a given period of time
  • interested in learning more both about themselves and about the skills of caring, listening and compassion

Do you know of anyone who has the gifts to become a Buddy, who is a compassionate person with good listening skills?  Encourage that person! If you are such a person, offer yourself!





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