How was the Peritoneal Tumour Service Patient day at the Christie hospital?

Well a bit later than planned, damned house move, I can update you all on the Peritoneal Tumour Service Patient day at the Christie hospital on September 21st, 2016. The event was really well attended, I’m constantly amazed that this community is much larger than I have ever realised and yet again I was able to meet some amazing people.


Serendipity! I love that word, it’s my favourite word, so if we are ever on Mr and Mrs together, you know my answer. It means “the occurrence of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way”. A chance meeting, orchestrated by a very special lady in Norfolk, has brought our two charities together.

Raising the profile of rare cancers

Pseudomyxoma Survivor was represented by myself and Kirsten at Cancer52‘s event on 3rd March 2015, the aim of which was to raise the profile of the rare and less common cancers at a key time in cancer strategy development.

Susan, Cancer 52 and the House of Lords

I don’t know what has come over me recently but I am just starting to raise my head above the parapet. Which, considering I was first diagnosed in 2003, does make you wonder what I’ve been doing in between my 6 operations (MOAS in 2009), 3 rounds of chemo, radiotherapy, rounds of IVF and — oh, yes — that ‘miracle baby’ who is now 6 years old and in full teenage strop mode.

Cancer 52 meeting

Did you know that the percentage of patients diagnosed with a rarer or less common cancer in the UK is now 53%? No, I didn’t either until I went to the latest Cancer 52 meeting at the House of Lords.