Pseudomyxoma Survivor Ekaterina shares her story


As it turned out everything started at the age of 26 in 2007 when I had an Appendectomy and my appendix was not alone there but with a tumour.

A benign one, as histology showed later. But it was a mistake!

And so I lived happily until the end of December 2011. I started to notice that I dis not look and feel fit in spite of gym twice a week and salsa dance classes, also twice a week. I thought I just was tired by the end of the year and may be in need of a new diet for my belly and enjoyed Xmas and New Year holidays.

But my waist kept on disappearing and I decided it is time for doctors. All in all I spent two month in three hospitals, had two biopsies and four different diagnoses, including ovarian and appendix cancer.

And so with this diagnosis, they sent me to N.N. Blokhin Cancer Research Center (Moscow). Having re-analyzed everything (including histology from Appendectomy of 2007), Moscow doctors say it is pseudomyxoma peritonei. As you perfectly know it is something very rare, specific and badly explored. I didn’t find ANYONE Russian-speaking who has the same disease. Can you imagine how I felt first? Oh, I am sure you can…

Soon I am going back to Moscow and if I everything goes well I will be admitted and operated on later (CRS and HIPEC).

– Ekaterina