6311049[1]We have been best friends for more years than we care to remember, we have laughed, cried and supported each other through the good, the bad and often the ugly. This year we plan to celebrate our 40th birthdays in style by raising money for Pseudomyxoma Survivor, a charity that this time last year we hadn’t even heard of but now it’s become very important to us and we want to support the good work it does.
Following Lynne’s diagnosis and thanks to the fast and thorough work done by a team of experts in Basingstoke, 2 tumours were successfully removed. Why Basingstoke you might ask, well as the cancer is so rare that patients have to travel for specialist care.  There are just two in the UK, Basingstoke and North Hants Hospital and the Christie in Manchester.
Following her treatment, Lynne will remain under the care of the Basingstoke team and this is why we want to raise funds for Pseudomyxoma Survivor to help support the grants made towards pseudomyxoma peritonei research.
So just how will we do this? Well, we’ve created a bucket list of 40 things that we will do this year, some are for fun, some more serious and some are just downright scary! The most important part is that we
will be raising money for a charity close to our hearts in the normal way we do things – by laughing as much as possible!!!!!!
Here is our list:

  1. Go zorbing
  2. Go to court on a Monday (long story but apparently great entertainment!)
  3. Climb Ben Nevis
  4. Get on the Glasgow tour bus and have a night out in Ashton Lane
  5. Have a relaxing spa day
  6. Take up a night class
  7. Audition for X factor
  8. Have a divorce party (for Lynne)
  9. Take the kids skiing
  10. Have a party for our birthdays
  11. Do a sponsored abseil / zipslide
  12. Run a 10K
  13. Go to an opera
  14. Do my Chartered FCIPD qualification (Sharon)
  15. Go pole dancing
  16. Sing at a karaoke like in the old days
  17. Go to a murder mystery night
  18. Organise a Come Dine With Me night
  19. Do the Great Glasgow Family Run
  20. Take skating lessons – DONE!!!!!
  21. Test drive a fancy car
  22. Camp in an actual tent
  23. Visit a personal shopper
  24. Get professional make over
  25. Photograph the sunrise and sunset on our 40th birthday
  26. Get a good professional (sober) picture of us
  27. Give internet dating a try (Lynne only – Sharon’s husband might object to Sharon doing it!)
  28. Get a dramatic haircut
  29. Go for a midnight walk on the beach
  30. Become an extra in an advert
  31.  Do 40 push ups in one sitting
  32. Do some volunteering
  33. Go on a scary roller coaster
  34. Swim with dolphins (Lynne)
  35. Scuba Diving (Lynne)
  36. Record I Don’t Want a Lover by Texas (copies will be on sale soon!)
  37. Give up wine for 1 month
  38. Sharon to lose 5 kilos (nearly a stone)

Can you help us with ideas for numbers 39 and 40?



In September last year, Lynne was diagnosed with Pseudomyxoma Peritonei. To support Lynne and Sharon’s 40 for 40, please visit their JustGiving page.

To support Lynne and Sharon’s 40 for 40, please visit their JustGiving
page.  There are more stories like Lynne’s on our Survivors

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