People often say things are life-changing; this is truly one of the most life-changing books I have ever read.

Kathryn Mannix is a Palliative Care Consultant who writes in the most accessible way about a subject which many of us know so little about. Dying is an inevitable and natural process that has become medicalised and hospital-based. Something that people in the past had experience of and dealt with as part of life.

I had heard about the book from a colleague, my initial reaction was “No way do I even want to think about dying!”. I was busy living with a cancer diagnosis. After a while I heard a review on the radio and decided to download the book. I didn’t tell anyone what I was reading as I felt it may be a bit morbid.

I could not put it down, after a couple of chapters I spoke to my husband about it. He already knew about the book as he had heard Kathryn interviewed on the radio. We talked a great deal about what we both felt.

The people in the book are real; their stories resonate with people I know.

  •  A friend with a double lung transplant who had come to terms with dying prior to transplant and now feels so well she is scared of getting ill and dying.
  • A relative with a serious lung condition who was terrified of gasping for breath

This is a beautifully written book, totally absorbing and fascinating. Kathryn Mannix writes with compassion and empathy. I have recommended this book to all my friends.

~ Sam

As at April 2nd, 2020, The Kindle book is free to download.