I was going through the content from the old website to make sure that I had brought it all across to this one and I stumbled across this post

Registering for charity status

Dawn’s excitement at getting to this point screams out – all the scary paperwork, the fears and doubts she had as to whether she could actually do this, sitting in cold school halls all day selling home made cakes for pennies, printing info on little squares of paper, getting up at 4am to stand in the rain doing car boot sales and working for months to raise the initial £5,000 needed to be able to register as an official non-profit suddenly coming together with the official submission.

We’ve come a long way since then. We might not be sitting in cold school halls or getting up at 4am for car boot sales but we are still working very hard to make sure the charity is a success and that support can be offered where needed – in a way that suits how patients and caregivers feel they need it. We wouldn’t be able to do what we do without all our amazing fundraisers so we owe a huge thank you to them!

Please do continue to support Pseudomyxoma Survivor – there’s always someone new in the situation you were in when you first found us and someone who wouldn’t know about us if they hadn’t found a leaflet or a poster somewhere.