Dawn Green from Pseudomyxoma Survivor presenting at the Cancer research UK Conference in Birmingham

Dawn presenting to Cancer Research UK

I was given the honour of presenting a speech at a conference hosted by Cancer Research UK in Birmingham, UK. The speech was about overcoming adversity and was aimed at delegates to inspire their fundraising efforts for their Relay for Life committees.

I spoke to a room of approx 150 delegates and was overwhelmed to receive a standing ovation. I hope this means my words did indeed inspire them and help them to go on to raise many hundreds of thousands of pounds into Cancer Research.

What also inspired me and really touched my heart is that there were two people in the room who approached me afterwards to say that their lives had been touch by PMP and that sadly both had lost people to this cruel disease. Both of these lovely ladies that spoke to me congratulated me for continuing to fight and confirmed for me that by raising awareness and doing what I do it creates hope for others and is a voice not only for those still fighting but for the ones we have lost along the way.