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After nearly 12 months of scans and appointments, I was diagnosed with pseudomyxoma peritonei (PMP) on December 18th 2012 and underwent surgery March 2013.

Fay shares her cancer survival story with Pseudomyxoma Survivor

Fay shares her story

I was extremely lucky in my case as the PMP was only picked up on an ultrasound scan I was attending for an overactive bladder. There was a shadow the doctors initially thought was a cyst. Following appointment after appointment at Clatterbridge Hospital and Arrow Park Hospital to diagnose this, CT scans showing the cyst getting bigger with each scan and a final scan showing fluid in my pelvis, the doctors thought I had a burst cyst. An MRI scan showed the fluid still there after 2 months where it should have been absorbed by then should it have been a cyst. I was finally referred to The Christie Hospital in Manchester where straight away doctors diagnosed it as PMP. I was told I would need a full hysterectomy as well as gall bladder, appendix, tissue behind my abdomen scraping of my liver and maybe bowel all removed and then a hot chemo rinse (HIPEC).

Having just turned 28 with no children yet, I chose to keep my womb and my left ovary and underwent hormone treatment and had my eggs frozen before to the operation.

The operation was successful and I cannot thank team at the Christie and my amazing family enough for their skill hard work and on-going support, It was so strange being told I was going to need surgery when I felt fine! I was so lucky it was caught so early on in an unrelated scan!!!

I was up and out of hospital after a week and a half and went on to run my first marathon in 2014! I am a year and a half into my 5 year follow up stretch, where I have a CT scan every 6 months to ensure the PMP does not return.


Fay had her operation at the Christie Hospital in Manchester when she was just 28. She has been diagnosed with PMP.


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My pseudomyxoma peritonei (PMP) was picked up on an ultrasound scan