Today’s guest blogger is Julie. Julie has been lucky enough to secure a place in the 2013 Virgin London Marathon and has pledged to raise funds for Pseudomyxoma Survivor and to raise awareness of PMP by so doing.

I will be running the London Marathon this April. This will be a huge challenge for me, particularly since I don’t think I have really ever run more than 8 miles. This means that I have another 18 miles to train for. Gulp!

With this in mind, I thought this was the perfect opportunity to raise money for my chosen charity, Pseudomyxoma Survivor, and get you guys involved, especially since I know many of you are setting New Year’s goals now. What great timing, eh??

My challenge to you, if you choose to accept it, is to cover the distance of the marathon in a preselected period. Don’t be scared, I don’t mean how many hours you can do it in, but… believe it or not, in how many days or weeks. You are more than welcome to walk, run or do a bit of both, as long as you complete the distance of 26.2 miles/42 km. When you do, you can spare a thought for me who will have to do it all in one day!

This is what I propose:

Run, walk, crawl 26 miles/42 km in a predetermined period.

For example:

42km in 4 weeks = 10.5km/week
42km in 8 weeks = 5km/week + 2 bonus km
42km in 12 weeks = 3.5km/week

It is entirely up to you as long as how you do it is a personal challenge to you.

All you have to do…

  1. Get friends and family to sponsor you and give you encouragement. You can get your sponsors to sign the sponsor form provided or they can donate via JustGiving. This way, all the money we raise will all be in one place and we can all see how much our efforts have helped
  2. Get a friends and family involved in the challenge to make it more social and to help raise more funds (I know some of you are competitive)
  3. Each time you go out, log your distance and the time it took you to complete it
  4. It would probably easier to keep track of on a treadmill but you are welcome to do the challenge outside if you have a GPS unit like endomondo or map my run. If you have a running app, it may be worth mapping out a set distance for you to do each time you go out to make your challenge achievable. As you complete your distances, let me know as I am going to display a “marathon” board to display how everyone is getting on in their marathon
  5. Once you have completed the total distance, add up your time and that will be your personal marathon time.

Most importantly, have fun and don’t give up. You can do it! It doesn’t matter how fast you do it as long as you have fun, get fit and help a worthy cause. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

– Julie
If you are interested in taking part in the 2013 PMP Marathon Challenge, please contact Julie via email. Follow team progress either here on the website or on Facebook. T-shirts and other merchandising are available from our Zazzle store.