Before I was diagnosed, I experienced increased abdominal size and piercing pain which was diagnosed initially with an inflamed appendix. It took about four months and another doctor for me to get the correct diagnosis at the end of January 2014.

I had debulking surgery followed by heated intraperitoneal chemo (HIPEC) at the Breach Candy Hospital in Mumbai. I stayed in hospital for 10 days.

Receiving my diagnosis was a bolt from the blue! I was already dealing with my mum being extremely sick and totally dependent on me (she was undergoing dialysis due to end stage renal disease). I was also handling my own responsibilities being a single mum myself following a divorce. I had an extremely demanding office job.

Pseudomyxoma_Survivor_Anindita_featured_400X300I thought to myself what more God has in store for me? What new challenges now? Believe me, I was shattered when I heard the news, not more for myself but for the people who are dependent on me. I firmly believe God shuts one door but always opens another and he connected me to this wonderful Doctor who is the pioneer in bringing CRS and HIPEC treatment to India. I haven’t met a more kind, understanding and caring doctor as Dr Sanket Mehta, based in Mumbai. He immediately made me at ease and answered all my queries honestly and diligently. He was always available whenever I needed any clarifications or needed to just be made at ease. Due to his excellent treatment, I am totally cured of the disease and been so since the last three years.

My rock in this ordeal has been my twin sister Aparajita without whom I wouldn’t have completed this toughest phase in my life. Another major influence has been my 14-year-old son who is everything I have! Sadly, I lost my mum in Dec 2015 after her long battle with renal disease.

I feel that having pseudomyxoma peritonei (PMP) has made me stronger and more accepting. I am grateful for the support from my sister and the rest of my family. I feel so much better and my third-year scan shows no evidence of disease.

When you get a diagnosis of pseudomyxoma peritonei (PMP), it’s important to remember that it’s treatable. As PMP is very rare, it’s important to see a specialist. A correct and timely diagnosis is most important.

I believe there is always a solution to any problem … we just need to look around.


– ‎Anindita