The most common question I get asked is “How did you know something was wrong?”. So, here’s the story.


Janesa shares her journey with pseudomyxoma peritonei

I had an exam and a pelvic ultrasound in April of 2011. Everything, including blood work, was normal. I also scheduled a physical around the same time and was told I was healthy and it was probably muscle cramps. I was put on vitamin B-12 injections and continued to put up with these monthly, painful episodes. At my next annual GYN visit, I mentioned that something wasn’t right because the pain was still going on and always in the same spot.

She checked me out again and again nothing seemed wrong. She referred me to a Gastroenterologist. Upon meeting with him in May 2012, I was told that it was either gas, IBS or maybe even a UTI.

I point blank asked if it could be my appendix and was told it was not. As the summer went on, the pain seemed to be occurring more frequently. I went back to the GI Doctor and my GYN in September 2012. I was scheduled for a hysterosalpingogram (HSG)¹ and a colonoscopy². The HSG revealed that my right fallopian tube was completely closed. This was alarming because I have had two children and I know it was open in July of 2009 because I had an HSG after an ectopic pregnancy. The very next day I had the colonoscopy and it was completely normal.

After talking more with my GYN, we decided it was time to do an exploratory laparoscopy. On November 13, 2012 I had the surgery and also had an unscheduled appendectomy. I had NO idea that something was wrong until I was told on November 19, 2012.

Moral of the story….

If you are experiencing pain, in the exact same spot…. IT IS NOT NORMAL.

If you feel like something is wrong…… GET IT CHECKED OUT.

And finally, make sure you trust your doctors.






Janesa is a pseudomyxoma survivor. You can follow her blog here –

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