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Meet Clare, she joined us this year as a trustee and brings a patient’s perspective to our trustee board. It’s Trustees’ Week and we want to introduce you to our trustees and the work they do.




I became a trustee for Pseudomyxoma Survivor this year. I really wanted to do something positive after being diagnosed with a recurrence in 2020. From a patient’s perspective I have an understanding of how being diagnosed with a rare cancer can affect physical and mental wellbeing. Each person has a different exposure to cancer health, mental and physical, and Pseudomyxoma Survivor is a positive and safe space where people can ask questions and be supported throughout the pseudomyxoma peritonei (PMP) journey. Cancer can be a lonely experience for patients and families and it is important to share our experiences, both positive and negative, to be able to provide the best possible support. Through group sessions, social media groups and bespoke sessions the charity’s patient focus is outstanding and I have personally felt the benefits of this support.

The sense of community, friendship and support shown by the charity are what motivate me as a trustee to keep helping to educate and bring positive ideas to the group and wider community to further understand the effects and challenges of being diagnosed with a rare cancer.


If you would like to more about Pseudomyxoma Survivor, then get in touch with us. To find out more about becoming a trustee, you might be interested in these resources: