Photograph of Susan Oliver, Pseudomyxoma SurvivorThrough Cancer 52, Pseudomyxoma Survivor has received a special invitation to view a multi-disciplinary diagnostic centre (MDC) in action. MDCs are being trialled here in the UK and they are set up so that patients who present with non-specific symptoms can go to a one-stop shop and have all of the tests they require to help with a diagnosis.
I am hopeful that this is the way forward for earlier diagnosis of people with PMP or cancer of the appendix. This is close to my heart and is the main reason I joined Pseudomyxoma Survivor as I wanted to explore quicker diagnosis for all. I was”ping-ponged” for years until I was eventually told I had cancer when I presented with a burst appendix – a life or death situation at the time. Ensuring others don’t need to go through what I did would be a great achievement.
Should these trial centres be successful, especially in helping to diagnose the rarer cancers, then they will get our full support through the advocacy work that we do here at Pseudomyxoma Survivor.
I will keep you all updated.
– Susan

You can find out more about Multi-disciplinary diagnostic centres (MDCs) on the NHS England website –