Huge thanks to everyone who came to speak to us at our table at the Peritoneal Tumour Patient Day at The Christie yesterday.
It was lovely to see some old friends and to make lots of new ones. We were overwhelmed by the donations the charity received and so busy that we didn’t get any photos of our table and banner. What a fantastic day which reminded us why we give so much of our time to do what we do.

We were also able to make a donation to the ward on behalf of the charity of some items we hope will be useful to PMP and appendix cancer in-patients — especially those who are in for a longer time and maybe don’t have friends and family there to support them the whole time. We wouldn’t be able to have done that without your donations, some of which have come directly from our Amazon Wish List. Thank you!

If you missed the event, the presentation slides are available on the Christie website –

Susan and Angela

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