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Health services in Australia, including CRS (peritonectomy) surgery / HIPEC, are delivered by the various states and territories and not by the Federal Government, which provides most of the funding for health. This complex surgery is not undertaken in private hospitals anywhere in Australia. So having private health insurance doesn’t help.

For residents of NSW, VIC, WA, SA and QLD it is performed in the public hospitals. Unfortunately, to limit expenditure the number of operations available per year is restricted irrespective of demand. That is why we have been campaigning in Australia for more funding for this life-saving surgery (read more at

This surgery is not performed in the Australian Capital Territory, Northern Territory or Tasmania but patients from those places can become “interstate patients” to obtain this surgery in a state which is not their “home state.”

The present criteria appear to give the interstate referring oncologists the final say as to whether “interstate patients” pass the very difficult hurdles of being “assessed as eligible in their home states” for this surgery and, for example, “clinically referred to St George Public Hospital” in NSW. Unfortunately for patients, not all members of our medical profession know about this surgery or are well informed about this surgery.

We are campaigning for the following criterion to be added for “interstate patients”:

Before an interstate patient is refused this life-saving surgery at a public hospital in Australia an opinion from a “peritonectomy specialist” in Australia, of the patient’s choosing, will be considered by the Enhanced Multi-Disciplinary Team for peritonectomy at St George Public Hospital or other similar body at the relevant public hospital.

To help, please email the Federal Health Minister and your state Health Minister.

Federal Health Minister

Hon. Sussan Ley MP
Minister for Sport
Minister for Health

Australian Capital Territory

Hon. Simon Corbell MLA

New South Wales

Hon. Jillian Skinner MP
Minister for Health

Northern Territories

Hon. John Elferink MLA
Attorney-General and Minister for Justice
Minister for Children and Families
Minister for Health
Minister for Disability Services
Minister for Mental Health Services
Minister for Correctional Services


Hon. Cameron Dick MP
Minister for Health
Minister for Ambulance Services

South Australia

Hon. Jack Snelling MP
Minister for Health
Minister for Mental Health and Substance Abuse
Minister for the Arts
Minister for Health Industries


Hon. Michael Ferguson MP
Minister for Health
Minister for Information Technology and Innovation


Hon. Jill Hennessy MP
Minister for Health

Western Australia

Hon. Dr Kim Desmond Hames MLA MBBS, JP
Deputy Premier
Minister for Health