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Jackie’s story


Jacky is a PMP patient and a published author. Here’s her story.




We moved house and I had to sign on with a new doctor in my area. Soon I noticed another change. By the end of each day my stomach was starting to become rather distended and I felt bloated. I could not understand why, I was not a big eater so it could not be due to overeating. True, I ate a lot of fruit and salads but then I always had. One evening when my stomach was particularly distended, I popped across the road to the surgery in order to let the doctor have a look.He pressed my stomach and tapped it various places and asked some questions. “Cut back on the fruit – you are probably producing too much gas”, he suggested. SomehowI did not feel his diagnosis was correct but nevertheless I attempted to carry out his suggestion. It made no difference at all. I felt disillusioned with him so I changed doctors and joined another practice a little further away. This doctor took my complaint of symptoms more seriously which is the next part of my story……….