At the present time, I have just got over the latest surgery on the abdominal hernias that developed during the past few years along with a clearing out of a large amount of PMP jelly. Also, this year I have had surgery on an ankle and am still getting over a previous ankle operation from Dec/2010. All in all a year to write off, with a hope that 2013 will be illness free. PMP isn’t always the immediate death sentence some expect, with top quality surgery it can be overcome with a decent life expectancy afterwards. My tips would be to:

  • make sure you fully understand all the implications of how to properly cope with a stoma and avoid hernias
  • always ask if anything is not fully understood, there are experts in all related fields.

Having undergone surgery and removal of 4.5 stone of tumour and jelly just two months before it would have been fatal, I feel very lucky. My wife Lynda and both sons bore the brunt of all the waiting and so on. Lynda in particular stood up better than she herself expected. The whole experience led to both of us having a completely different perspective and outlook on life.



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