Pseudomyxoma Survivor is immensely proud to be a member of Cancer52. Cancer52 represents predominantly small patient support group cancer charities such as ourselves and by coming together, we aim to promote improved diagnosis, treatment and support for those affected by rare and less common cancers such as pseudomyxoma peritonei (PMP) and appendix cancers.

Cancer52 has launched a survey to understand how the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic is impacting our community. Jane Lyons, Chief Executive of Cancer52 told us:

“We are pleased to be able to undertake a second survey of people with rare and less common cancers to understand any potential impact of the pandemic, this time during a second wave, may have had.


“It’s important because we can take this knowledge back to NHS England and government departments to help inform them on the issues that are facing patients as decisions are made about future policies and priorities.


“And we can also support our member charities with this information – if we have more than 20 patients with a particular type of cancer we can let the member charity have that anonymised data which helps them plan their campaigns.


“So if you can take the time to complete the survey, we would be very grateful for your help.”

The survey examines topics such as treatment, testing, and vulnerable groups. Cancer52 used the results from the first patient survey in discussion with the NHS and the Government to push for the best possible care and treatment for people with rare and less common cancers in all circumstances, and will do the same again with this second survey.

Answers are anonymous and Cancer52 will not ask for name or contact details, although you can opt in at the end of the survey to stay in touch with Cancer52.

Please follow this link to the survey which closes on Wednesday, December 16th, 2020. As you can see, it’s really important for us to have at least 20 respondents to get information for our community specifically.

Trustee and Secretary
Pseudomyxoma Survivor