In this National Volunteers Week, I was asked “Why do I volunteer?’”

Having been working full time for many years I dropped down to part-time but wanted to keep my brain active and also give something back. I considered several things but in particular, I wanted to use my skills, not to be tied to certain hours a month and, most importantly, to enjoy the work and the team I was volunteering with.

I first met Susan Oliver just before one of her various operations and we always chatted about the work that she was doing with the charity. When she knew I was finishing my contract she managed to persuade me to help out. My first event was on a conference stand in Paris for two days, when I tried very hard to avoid saying “pseudomyxoma” as I did not know how to pronounce it!  I now know that it’s pronounced  ‘sue-doh-mix-oh-muh pary-ih-ton-nee-i’.

As I do not have personal experience of PMP, I have taken on the role of treasurer and also support the fundraising efforts of our donors. In addition, I volunteer with Natural England at the local nature reserve which involves fencing, planting, land clearance as well as building bird and wildlife habitats. The two roles are very different but I love them both.

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