I became a volunteer for Pseudomyxoma Survivor following my own diagnosis of this rare appendix cancer. I was 42-year-old busy wife and mum running a household and working full time as a GP and Associate Medical Director. My life was full of busy. I’d volunteered as governor at my children’s school for years and enjoyed using my knowledge and skills from the NHS to help run a small local school. I found volunteering hugely rewarding.

After my diagnosis, life changed dramatically. I found myself as the patient rather than the doctor and quickly upskilled myself regarding my rare diagnosis. I found huge support online with fellow appendix cancer and PMP patients and appreciated how important small charities are for people with rare cancer. When Pseudomyxoma Survivor sought out new Trustees to help support the charity, I didn’t hesitate to offer my time. My ongoing stage 4 cancer diagnosis means I can’t continue my beloved career, so volunteering allows me to utilise my knowledge and skills thereby continuing to achieve my key value in the life of help others. I became a doctor because I wanted to make a difference and I hope I continue that theme by supporting the charity.

I’m also keen to show my children that volunteering your time and energy is important and that despite my medical retirement I’m not giving up on my values. Giving back through fundraising activities and events gives me purpose and enables our charity to grow and support people with pseudomyxoma peritonei all over the world.

Our time is a very precious gift which we can give to others and volunteering is a fabulous way to share this gift.

Volunteer and Trustee

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We’re looking for trustees!

We’re looking for trustees!

We are now looking for able and motivated individuals to join our Board of Trustees, to help lead and guide our important work. Mainly, we are looking for people who are excited by the work Pseudomyxoma Survivor does, share our values and will play an active part in the work of our Board. Is this you?