Being a trustee can be very rewarding. As a trustee, you would have an opportunity to support and shape the work and strategic direction of Pseudomyxoma Survivor. You also have the chance to make a significant difference to a cause that matters to you.

You may choose to get involved with Pseudomyxoma Survivor focused on a cause or an issue you are passionate about or because your life has been touched by our work. It is also a great way to get further involved in a community or find out more about the not-for-profit sector in general terms.

Please don’t overlook that becoming a trustee can also offer the opportunity for professional development. In gaining experience of strategy and leadership, you can update your CV. It will give you the experience of being a non-executive director, such as setting a strategic vision, influencing and negotiation, and managing risk. If you already have significant experience in these areas, it can be stimulating to use it in a different and potentially challenging context. 

As a trustee, you are part of a team and will have the opportunity to apply your unique skills and experience while learning from others. Working closely with a passionate team of people who have different perspectives is often one of the most enjoyable aspects of the role.





I first volunteered with the charity to help with the website. I had designed and built a couple of websites before and saw helping with the Pseudomyxoma Survivor one as something I could do whilst recovering from surgery. Volunteering seemed to lead naturally into a trusteeship.

Being a trustee is very rewarding. As a patient myself, it’s a cause that matters to me and I’d like to feel I’ve made a significant difference to the work and strategic direction of the charity. My focus is naturally on the website and the use of technology which is particularly important for us as we are geographically diverse. I’ve challenged myself with the build of the current website – such a difference for me that I almost gave up but the support of the rest of the team got me through. I’m also actively involved in the day to day admin and bookkeeping of the charity.

The best part for me is being part of a team, all of us with different passions and with different perspectives.

– Angela

* with thanks to the Trustees week website