Looking for a place in the Virgin Money London Marathon for 2019?

Pseudomyxoma Survivor has just one Silver Bond place and we are giving you the chance to take part in the race on April 28th 2019.

If you are successful, you will be required to pay a £100 registration fee and pledge to fundraise £2000 in aid of Pseudomxyoma Survivor.

All you have to do is email [email protected] and tell us the following:

  • Your name and gender
  • What/who has inspired you to take on a marathon?
  • Have you run a marathon before? Have you run the London Marathon before?
  • Did you enter the organiser’s ballot?
  • What is your fundraising target (minimum £2000)?
  • What is your fundraising plan?
  • Does your employer have a matched giving scheme?
  • What is your connection with Pseudomyxoma Survivor?
  • That you agree to the terms and conditions of entry.


Terms and conditions of entry

  1. If successful, you will be required to pay a non-refundable registration fee of £100 within 10 days to secure your place. If you have not paid within 10 days, we will assume you no longer want a 2019 London Marathon place and the ballot will be rerun.
  2. By registering for the Pseudomyxoma Survivor charity place in the 2019 London Marathon, you are committing to a fundraising target of £2000. The total sum should be sent to Pseudomyxoma Survivor no later than four weeks after the event (which takes place on Sunday 28 April 2019), and understand that it is the endeavour of this challenge to raise as much above this as possible in aid of Pseudomyxoma Survivor.
  3. You agree to represent and raise money exclusively for Pseudomyxoma Survivor in this event.
  4. Of sponsorship raised, approx. £350 will be used to cover the cost of your place in the marathon. The remainder of the funds raised will go directly towards the work of Pseudomyxoma Survivor, and cannot be restricted to any particular programme or service provided by Pseudomyxoma Survivor.
  5. Your online fundraising page must be with Virgin Money Giving.
  6. No refund will be made in event of cancellation by you, the event organiser or Pseudomyxoma Survivor (except as described in point 6 below) as sponsorship raised is for charitable purposes.
  7. If you have to withdraw for any reason, you should inform Pseudomyxoma Survivor in writing, send all sponsorship forms and money collected directly to Pseudomyxoma Survivor and notify your sponsors that you are no longer taking part. All sponsorship monies will be retained by Pseudomyxoma Survivor unless your sponsors request in writing that Pseudomyxoma Survivor return it to them within one month of your cancellation. This does not apply to online donations.
  8. It is strongly advised that you train for the London Marathon. If you have not exercised for some time or if you are in any doubt as to your physical ability to take part in this event, you must seek medical advice from your general practitioner.
  9. You are entering this event entirely at your own risk and Pseudomyxoma Survivor shall not be liable for any injury or loss that might occur as a result of your participation.
  10. The swapping or sale of race numbers is strictly prohibited for reasons of safety and primarily for identification by medical staff.
  11. You must be at least 18 years old by race day (Sunday, April 28th 2019).
  12. The final registration step is to sign up to the London Marathon console. You will receive an email from the London Marathon organisers and need to complete the final stages within 10 days of receiving the email, otherwise, we will assume you no longer want your London Marathon 2019 place.