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One of the questions we get asked a lot and features heavily in our support groups is “What do I need to bring into hospital with me?”. The answer to this is going to vary depending on which hospital you are in and your own needs. Here are some suggestions from our group. Please feel free to add any from your experiences in the comments below.

  • shampoo/conditioner/deodorant/body spray/face wash/ toothpaste/toothbrush (charger if needed)
  • wipes
  • minty mouth wash
  • lip balm
  • flannel for cooling head
  • hairbrush & hair ties if you have longer hair
  • massage oils/body lotions. There’s nothing like a back rub or foot massage from a loved one. Be aware that some patients are very averse to strong scents after HIPEC.
  • room freshener for bathroom or oil diffuser or aromatherapy machine. See the point above on scents.
  • comfy slippers and dressing gown (for walking the corridors)
  • lemon candy for nausea, gum, ginger candy
  • peppermint oil
  • photos of loved ones
  • earplugs (hospitals can be noisy places and some say they need these to rest)
  • eye mask (hospitals can also be very bright places)
  • something to listen to music, catch up on your favourite movies ot TV programmes (don’t forget chargers)
  • headphones for those items
  • Notebook and pen to record important things/keep a journal/write questions to ask doc
  • a good book or kindle for when you feel up to reading
  • back scratcher
  • mobile phone and charger (make sure all numbers are stored of those you want to contact)
  • reading glasses
  • a statement piece for the walking the hallway 😉
  • comfy slip-on shoes and comfy stretch at the waist trousers to wear home and for women soft, looser bras with no underwire is a good idea – the wound is long and often you are still swollen on discharge & don’t want anything restrictive
  • sandals for shower/walking
  • soft toy
  • tissues
  • clothes
  • extension cords, both for hospital and for where the caregiver is staying
  • your own pillow for your head (both patient and caregiver)
  • magazines
  • a towel for the seatbelt if you are driving a long distance home. Same for a small neck pillow
  • Toilet paper!! The hospital kind is AWFUL!
  • Reusable water bottle

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