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AJ Bell Great North Run

Apply for a charity place with Pseudomyxoma Survivor

Sunday September 8 2024

Location Newcastle

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Fundraising Target

The AJ Bell Great North Run stands as the globe’s most significant and exceptional half marathon, drawing in 60,000 dedicated runners for the 13.1-mile journey from Newcastle to South Shields annually. Renowned for its inclusive ambience, unparalleled en-route entertainment, and heartwarming Geordie hospitality, it has become a beacon of inspiration, raising millions each year for noble causes. From the exhilarating cheers of thousands of spectators to the spirited oggy-oggy-oggy chants, the enchanting magic of the Great North Run might be perplexing until you immerse yourself in the experience. Whether you’re striving to surpass your personal best, championing a charitable cause, or simply relishing the post-run pint, this is more than just a run—it’s an extraordinary journey with Pseudomyxoma Survivor. Seize your chance to partake in greatness!


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