About Pseudomyxoma Survivor

Pseudomyxoma Survivor is a non-profit organization, run by patients and caregivers. We have a thriving support community providing emotional support to anyone whose life has been touched by pseudomyxoma peritonei (PMP) as well as appendix cancer and other peritoneal surface malignancies. As these diseases are so rare is so rare, having a global presence gives the community a scale where it is able to offer genuine support and advice around the clock – both emotional and practical. Patients, caregivers and families have joined together to create an online ‘family’.

Together we:

  • offer practical and emotional advice on managing symptoms and all aspects of living with this rare disease
  • manage a one-to-one buddy system
  • fund small grants to help patients and caregivers with the impact of treatment
  • support research

As a non-profit organisation, we’re completely dependent on voluntary donations. We’re too small to have offices or staff; the charity is run entirely by volunteers. Our patron is Sean Hepburn Ferrer. Sean’s mother, Audrey Hepburn, passed away shortly after being diagnosed with PMP. Sean also has a special interest in rare diseases more generally and is Rare Disease Day Ambassador for Eurordis and NORD.

Our patron is Sean Hepburn Ferrer. Sean’s mother, Audrey Hepburn, passed away shortly after being diagnosed with PMP. Sean also has a special interest in rare diseases more generally and is Rare Disease Day Ambassador for Eurordis and NORD, the European and North American rare disease organisations.

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Where did we come from?

Launched by Dawn Green in 2011, Pseudomyxoma Survivor works to improve the lives of the living with PMP, as a patient or as a caregiver. Struggling to find support herself, Dawn was keenly aware that there was a lack of emotional support for anyone with the disease. She dedicated the website to the memory of a fellow PMP patient, Julie Stanton.

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Who are we?

Susan Oliver

Susan Oliver

Trustee, Chair of the board of Trustees

Pseudomyxoma Survivor
Trustee, Chair of the board of Trustees
Susan was diagnosed with cancer of the appendix in 2003, following a ruptured appendix with bowel resection. Since then she has had five operations, three separate cycles of chemotherapy and some radiotherapy. Realising her own diagnosis and treatments could have followed a better path, she is keen to raise awareness and develop patient protocols. She will be coordinating the buddy system and is a Macmillan Cancer Voice.
CV35 7TL
Angela Brook

Angela Brook

Trustee, Secretary to the board of Trustees

Angela was diagnosed with Stage IV ovarian cancer in March 2010. Following a total hysterectomy, this diagnosis was changed to PMP. With a background in IT management and an interest in website design, Angela began helping Dawn with the Pseudomyxoma Survivor website. She’s now an integral part of the charity’s day-to-day, co-ordinating the buddy scheme and managing the IT systems. Angela is also a Macmillan Cancer Voice.

Lyn Bishop

Trustee, Treasurer

An Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, Lyn has worked in various finance-related roles in industry. Following a change in career direction, she began teaching accountancy courses within the further education sector.  More recently, she established a private training company delivering professional accountancy training. She is also treasurer to The Fellowship Singers of Shirley, a local community choir and registered charity.

Amanda MacDonald

Amanda MacDonald

Trustee, Online Support

Amanda became aware of pseudomyxoma peritonei (PMP) when her mother was diagnosed in August 2014. Shortly afterwards she found the charity and was keen to give back the help and support her family received through Pseudomyxoma Survivor. She has been volunteering with the charity as administrator for the Facebook Support Group. Amanda is a lecturer of Mathematics in Further Education and a mother of two young children.

Salena Begley MBE

Salena Begley MBE


Salena became aware of PMP when her brother Colin was diagnosed in July 2003. Sadly, Colin passed away just a few months later and Salena couldn't find any support for herself or other family members. She was planning some events to commemorate the 10th anniversary of his passing and came across Pseudomyxoma Survivor. Salena brings with her a wealth of experience in both fundraising and allocating grants. Recently appointed as the Partnership Development Manager for the Family Fund in Scotland, she lives in Glasgow with her two sons.


Sean Hepburn Ferrer

Sean Hepburn Ferrer


As the elder son of Audrey Hepburn, Sean Hepburn Ferrer has been aware of pseudomyxoma peritonei for many years. Audrey Hepburn, arguably one of history’s most iconic actresses, style icons and Humanitarian Ambassadors, lost her fight to pseudomyxoma peritonei originating from an appendiceal adenocarcinoma in 1993 after a short illness. Treatment has progressed a great deal in that time with the advancement of cytoreductive surgery and HIPEC.

With a special interest in rare diseases, Sean is also continuing as Eurordis’ Rare Disease Day ambassador for 2015 following his nomination for the post by Pseudomyxoma Survivor‘s founder, Dawn Green.


Taking part‘ is to us a vital part of our patient advocacy programme. We focus on advocating for patients as a group rather than individuals and achieve this through attending relevant congresses and conferences where we can represent the voice of patients and inform medical professionals about patient views and perceived gaps in treatment. We are proud members of Eurordis, the European Rare Diseases organisation, and are the founding host organisation of the pseudomyxoma peritonei support community on RareConnect, a project by NORD and Eurordis. Additionally, we are members of Cancer 52 and Angela and Susan are Macmillan Cancer Voices.


The real emphasis of our community is you. As patients, caregivers and supporters, you are the reason why our organisation exists. It’s your continued support and consideration that allows us to grow and to support those affected by pseudomyxoma peritonei worldwide.

Each day we see firsthand how patient advocacy and peer support helps in a real way. We see people supported both in a group environment, through our Facebook and RareConnect groups, and getting 1:1 support through our buddy scheme. Patients and caregivers ourselves, we appreciate that such support is there for us when we need it ourselves. The number of people we have in collaboration offering help, support and advice is the real evidence of our success.

Medical Advisors

The information on our website is written by patients and reviewed by our medical advisory board of PMP and appendix cancer experts. The board has been established to support Pseudomyxoma Survivor in all its work but with particular emphasis on supporting the development of information resources for patients, families and carers.

Professor Wim Ceelan

Professor Wim Ceelan

Senior Surgeon and Associate Professor

Laura Lambert, MD

Laura Lambert, MD

Surgical Oncologist and General Surgeon

Mr Faheez Mohamed

Mr Faheez Mohamed


Professor Paul Moroz

Professor Paul Moroz

Surgical Oncologist and General Surgeon

Armando Sardi, MD FACS

Armando Sardi, MD FACS

Surgical Oncologist and Medical Director



medical advisors


supporting you


Our objectives are focused on support and information, awareness and research.


Find out how we produce our information, about our quality control and how you can help.


If you are looking to share with others or to find a specialist, we have the right places for you.

Pseudomyxoma Survivor is a member of Cancer 52, the common voice for less common cancers
Pseudomyxoma Survivor is a member of Rare Disease UK
Pseudomyxoma Survivor is a member of RareVoices Australia
Pseudomyxoma Survivor is a member of RareVoices Australia
Pseudomyxoma Survivor is amember of the American Society for Peritoneal Surface Malignancies
Pseudomyxoma Survivor is a member of Eurordis, Rare Disease Europe
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