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Support Us

It can be as easy as a click or two

We know there is still more that is needed to be done. We rely completely on donations and volunteers to help us continue with our work.  There are lots of ways you can help us – you could make a one-off donation, give us some of your time by volunteering or maybe your company might match a donation. Supporting Pseudomyxoma Survivor can be as easy as a click when you shop online.

We are always looking for volunteers to be buddies, help with the moderation of our support group and more. If you are interested in finding out more about how you can help, please email us – [email protected].

Make a donation

You can donate through JustGiving, by a payment in to our bank account or simply by sending a text.

Raise Awareness

One of our goals is to help patients be diagnosed earlier and be better informed of available treatment and support. You can help us.

Shop with us

You can raise awareness and support us at the same time with our t-shirts, running tops, posters, leaflets and more.

Fundraising events

Get together with friends, family or colleagues to organise a fundraising event – we are here to support you in every way and we will add your event to our ‘Events’ calendar.

Corporate Support

You can involve your company through sponsoring an event or perhaps your employer offers a matched giving scheme.

Tribute Donations

Donate in memory of a loved one, give to celebrate an event or leave a legacy.

Matched Giving

Many companies throughout the UK offer employees the chance to boost their fundraising efforts by ‘matching’ the money they raise. If you’re fundraising for us, check with your employer if they offer matched giving and double your donation.

Leave a gift to Pseudomyxoma Survivor

Legacies left to Pseudomyxoma Survivor are so important to us. They enable us to provide support to thos affected by pseudmyxoma peritonei (PMP), appendix cancer and other rare peritoneal malignancies. They also allow us to expand our work in each of these areas.

Donate to Pseudomyxoma Survivor using PayPal/eBay for Charity

PayPal Giving Fund

Donating via the PayPal Giving fund ensures that your entire donation and all of the Gift Aid goes to Pseudomyxoma Survivor.

Donate to Pseudomyxoma Survivor via JustGiving


You can also set up a fundraising page or make an online donation via JustGiving. There are several currencies you can choose from.

Bank transfer

If you would like to make a donation by bank transfer, please contact us for the details.


Should you wish you money to be donated specifically for research, please let us know and we can ring-fence your donation and include it in our grants to specific research charities. We reserve the right to keep 10% for administration and to ensure the future running of Pseudomyxoma Survivor.

Raise Awareness

One of our goals is to help patients be diagnosed earlier and be informed of available treatment and support. You can help us achieve this by doing some awareness raising yourself in your local area or online. There are lots of things we can do to help raise awareness of PMP, appendix cancer and other peritoneal surface malignancies.

Give a talk

Give a talk about your experiences with PMP. This could be at work, at a school, to local clubs and organisations such as the women’s institute, or even to friends and family to help them understand the condition better.

Put up posters

Order our posters to display in your local area. This is a vital way that we can get our information to the people that need it. With permission, you could display these posters in your library, GP’s surgery, local supermarket or newsagent — anywhere that might get people’s attention.

Raise awareness online

Why not use your online social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+ to help raise awareness of PMP? You could tweet facts about it, or add an orchid to your profile picture using a service like Twibbon.


Contact your local media

Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper. The local press are always looking for interesting articles to print. Share your PMP story and spread some facts about the disease. Tell us about it and we can include a link to the story on our website.

Raise funds when you click

Pseudomyxoma Survivor is registered with most major shopping portals.  These allow you to raise money for Pseudomyxoma Survivor whilst you shop and do not cost you anything.  It works in a similar way to many other loyalty shopping sites or store loyalty cards, but instead of earning points when you shop, you raise a donation for Pseudomyxoma Survivor instead. How simple is that?

raise funds for Pseudomyxoma Survivor via easyfundraising


Support our cause with easyfundraising

Visit the easyfundraising website before you go shopping online – let’s say you want to buy some shoes from John Lewis – instead of going direct to the John Lewis website, you go to the easyfundraising website first. Find the retailer (John Lewis) you want to shop with and when you click through to their website, easyfundraising send them a message so they know they need to make a donation on anything you purchase. You don’t pay anything extra – the price you pay is the same as if you went directly to the retailer.

raise funds for Pseudomyxoma Survivor via The Giving Machine

The Giving Machine

Make us your chosen charity at The Giving Machine

Shop online with your favourite stores via The Giving Machine and Pseudomyxoma Survivor will get a donation at no extra cost to you!!! All of the participating online shops on The Giving Machine have agreed to pay a commission in the form of a cash donation every time you click on their link and buy a qualifying product from them. Access the online shop via our link to The Giving Machine to make sure the donation will is triggered and Pseudomyxoma Survivor benefits from the donation. Choose from Tesco, John Lewis, Asda, Ebay, ToysRUs, B&Q, Staples, PC World, Halfords, Next, Currys, Wallis, Vodafone and many many more Just click on the logo above to join and support us then start shopping and raise some extra pennies for us!

How else can I help?

You can also help us via the following means:

Online Auctions

Sell things, raise money for us

eBay for Charity is an easy way for you as a buyer or a seller on eBay.co.uk to support your favourite charity. Buyers can shop for items knowing they’re supporting a good cause. Sellers, whether they’re individuals or businesses, can donate a percentage from any sale to a charity of their choice and add Gift Aid to their donations. All eBay for Charity items will qualify for a fee credit on basic insertion and final value fees equal to the percentage donated.

Help the Environment


Pseudomyxoma Survivor is registered with Recycle 4 Charity who will make us a donation for your empty printer ink cartridges. Go to the Recycle 4 Charity website to order your freepost bags or collection box.


Visit our Zazzle Store

You can also visit our Zazzle store where you can order mugs, and other items help up to raise awareness and raise some funds too. Zazzle produce each item to order.