Pseudomyxoma Survivor

The support network for those affected by pseudomyxoma peritonei, appendix cancers and rare peritoneal malignancies

If you’ve found Pseudomyxoma Survivor, chances are you’ve been affected in some way by pseudomyxoma peritonei (PMP), appendix cancer or another peritoneal surface malignancy. We’re here to provide emotional support and practical advice, through an online community that’s proven to make a real difference.

We’re a patient and caregiver run organisation offering advice on managing symptoms and all aspects of living with this rare disease; we advocate for patients and more. As well as all this, we’re people you can share experiences with and share the laughter and the tears.

Together we’re stronger and can face anything.


Find out more about our online spaces where you can meet other people affected by pseudomyxoma peritonei, including a ‘secret’ Facebook group.

More about PMP

We share information about pseudomyxoma peritonei. It isn’t like other types of cancer and it can get confusing. We can help with that.


A one to one, personal and confidential friend to supplement the support already given by your family, friends and doctors. Our Pseudomyxoma Buddies offer a sympathetic ear and insight from their own experience.

About Us

We offer practical and emotional advice on managing symptoms and all aspects of living with this rare disease, advocate for patients and more.

Stories from across the world

From patients and from caregivers

I found Pseudomyxoma Survivor shortly after being diagnosed with stage 4 appendix cancer. I thought my life was over. Through the information, support and friendships I have gained from this organisation I am hopeful and currently healthy. They have literally been a lifeline to me in a way that supplements the excellent work that the Health services provided. They understood and encouraged me all the way.


appendix cancer patient

I was diagnosed with appendix cancer in June 2021 after my appendix ruptured. I have since undergone cytoreductive surgery with HIPEC and am due to begin a further course of chemotherapy.
Whilst recovering from surgery in Basingstoke I was first made aware of this fantastic charity. Finding other people that gave similar experiences and reading their stories has helped me understand and cope with my battle against this disease. Pseudomyxoma Survivor has also helped financially through the grant scheme. My claim was handled quickly and has really helped the burden of losing income whilst receiving treatment.
I know that I have much further to go in my journey and there will be hard times ahead, but I also now know Pseudomyxoma Survivor is there to help me and my family through it and that makes a massive difference! Thank you.


Appendix cancer patient

What a fantastic charity, they have helped me financially, with advice and to impart knowledge, to meet other patients and with a series of fantastic online seminars and courses. Without Pseudomyxoma Survivor, my day to day life would be significantly more difficult. They are at the heart of new and novel research and treatment options and I am pleased to have been able to support them through my own fundraising. Thank you.



Amazing, supportive group. Without Pseudomyxoma Survivor I don’t know where I would have been. Linked me up with a buddy, who has been invaluable. Also provided me with a grant due to being unable to work at present. Cannot thank this charity enough.


pseudomyxoma peritonei patient

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We’re a small charity supporting those affected by a very rare cancer, pseudomyxoma peritonei or PMP. Pseudomyxoma Survivor relies solely on donations to carry out the work that we do.


Our directory is updated with information provided by the pseudomyxoma peritonei and appendix cancer specialists themselves and is constantly reviewed.

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