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Events in aid of Pseudomyxoma Survivor

This is the second year of the Virtual London Marathon!

The virtual Virgin Money London Marathon was held for the first time in 2020, when more than 37,000 runners, from all corners of the world, completed the race. The final finishing total of 37,966 means it has been awarded an official Guinness World Records title for the ‘Most users to run a remote marathon in 24 hours’.

How does it work?

You have 24 hours to complete the marathon (between 00:00:00 to 23:59:59 BST on 3/10/21), wherever you are on the planet. The Official Virgin Money London Marathon App will enable you to log the 26.2 miles and earn your coveted London Marathon medal.

The only way to enter the Virtual London Marathon now is with a charity and we have three places up for grabs.


On Sunday 3 October 2021, 50,000 runners will have the chance to be a part of the biggest marathon ever staged anywhere in the world.

The virtual Virgin Money London Marathon will return this year, giving participants the opportunity to take on the world’s greatest marathon on the course of their choice from 00:00:00 to 23:59:59BST, wherever they are on the planet.

We'd love you to join Team Pseudomyxoma Survivor for this year's event!

Previous Events

Perimenopause and menopause for the PMP and appendix cancer community - 22 April 2021

Join Dr Sarah Ball MBChB, MRCGP, DCH, DRCOG, DFFP from Newson Health for this session arising from issues we face as a result of surgical menopause during treatment. Dr Ball will talk about what the peri menopause and menopause is what the symptoms are and how that impacts our bodies. Then look at the best ways of managing those symptoms and the role of HRT.

To register for this session, please go to the Eventbrite registration page here.

An introduction to yoga for the PMP and appendix cancer community

Nicola Taylor from Enrich Yoga led this relaxing session.
We covered a gentle sequence of postures aiming to work deeper into tissues, help tired muscles, increase mobility, switch on the parasympathetic nervous system to help us rest, digest and alleviate stress, anxiety and to leave you feeling calm. We followed the this structure:

  • Breath work
  • Gentle movements to warm up the neck, wrists, shoulders etc.. If you are in a desk job these will be movements you can practise daily to support your posture.
  • A spinal sequence to allow movement to our spine to increase the flexibility and mobility. This can be practised daily to look after the spine.
  • A flow — poses that link together to help stretch the body, strength the core and key muscles areas and practise poses that require balance and focus.
  • We ended with a guided relaxation.
An introduction to Tai Chi for the PMP and appendix cancer community

Julia Mitchell from Hatton Tai Chi & Nordic walking led ourintroduction to the practice of Tai Chi. Julia shared the potential benefits of Tai Chi followed by an opportunity for everyone to join in. The movements Julia covered can be done standing or seated.

The Pathology of PMP and Appendix Tumours for patients and caregivers

Pseudomyxoma Survivor's medical advisor Professor Norman Carr led this introduction to the pathology of these diseases. Professor Carr explained what pseudomyxoma peritonei is and what type of appendix tumours there are as well as explain what pathology is and its role in patient care.


An introduction to meditation from The Peace Gym

Join The Peace Gym's Jenny Critchlow for this introduction to meditation and why it's so much more than guided meditation alone. Jenny introduces us to the concept of Now and why understanding its importance can help us to decide to begin a meditation practice.

We will learn how our thoughts can create so much of our stress and suffering and ways to prevent getting lost in them. Jenny then introduces us to the first basic meditation technique, one that we can practice at home and is backed up on her YouTube channel.

To register for this session, please go to the Eventbrite registration page here.

Anxiety management in pseudomyxoma peritonei (PMP) and appendix cancers

Anxiety is a very common issue in people (and friends/family members) with pseudomyxoma peritonei (PMP) and appendix cancer. Triggers for this anxiety are wide-ranging. Anything from scanxiety to fear of medical procedures can be experienced. In this workshop, we will talk about anxiety, how this applies to PMP, and cover some common anxiety-management techniques.

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The grief and loss process involved in PMP and appendix cancers

Cancer is one of many chronic illnesses where grief and loss are relevant psychological issues. There are many losses to deal with, many of which are not obvious to others, or even to ourselves. We will cover grief and loss in PMP in this workshop, along with some strategies to help cope with these issues.

To register for this event, please go to the Eventbrite registration page here.

Remaining true to your values when living with PMP and appendix cancer

Many things are out of our control when living with an illness like PMP. The limited ability to influence our day-to-day lives is a source of real stress and helplessness. Rather than trying to control the uncontrollable, we can instead take actions consistent with our core values. A values-based focus can give purpose to our behaviours and improve our wellbeing. In this workshop, we will look at identifying core values and the behaviours that take us towards or away from them. We will also look at strengthening your 'towards moves' toolkit.

To register for this session, please go to the Eventbrite registration page here.

Can you help us by cheering at charity events?

Support is needed along the routes for sporting events to cheer on our participants and shout words of encouragement.