Pseudomyxoma Survivor is supporting exciting new research into the biology of pseudomyxoma peritonei. 

The study is a collaboration between the Peritoneal Malignancy Institute, Basingstoke, and the Cancer Sciences Unit, University of Southampton. It analyses gene activity within individual cells using Drop-Seq, a technique that not only identifies mutations in cancer cells, but also analyses the genetic profile of other cells associated with the cancer, such as connective tissue cells. This is the first time the technique has been applied to pseudomyxoma.

The funding is for a pilot study of tissue from 10 patients. The ultimate goal of the research is to identify specific elements in the genesis and growth of pseudomyxoma that could lead to the identification of new treatments and the possibility of personalised therapy for patients.

We’re very excited about this research and need your help in being able to support this project. Please consider making a donation to show your support, thank you.