pseudomyxoma-survivor-maggie-300In my thirties, I’m not sure when, I had a more or less colourless discharge but the reason for it was not known. When I was 39, I was sterilised and my GP in Guernsey told me he found and removed a polyp.   That may have or not been due to PMP, I’ll never know. Over many years, the discharge became worse and smelly but still no one knew why. I felt OK and continued to worked hard farming.  It wasn’t until after I retired that I was diagnosed with a cyst on my ovaries. When this was removed at Southampton hospital to have the telltale mucin of PMP and I was referred to the North Hampshire Hospital in Basingstoke. I was then in my sixties.

I had full cytoreductive surgery with HIPEC given. I stayed in hospital for just two  weeks. I have recovered slowly although well. My main problem I have been left with is far from normal bowel movements. I now only have my annual CT scan.

I’m lucky that my husband has been there for me, as I have for him as he has metastatic melanoma. We are a great team!

I am well now – I just wish my bowels could become ‘normal’, whatever that is! My advice for anyone who is newly diagnosed?

  • accept the journey will take time
  • try not to worry, it won’t help recovery
  • find lots to do, not necessarily hugely physical, but something to captivate your thoughts





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