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Your fundraising and donations have enabled us to donate to both the Peritoneal Tumour Service at The Christie in Manchester and to the Peritoneal Malignancy Institute at the Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital for research trials this year. We are very excited that both trials fit with our charity remit – assisting those with pseudomyxoma peritonei (PMP). Thank you.

Our commitment to supporting those with PMP has meant a further collaboration with the Christie and we are delighted that we will be funding family/primary caregiver accommodation in an aparthotel for the next year. The financial relief this offers to those wishing to be near their loved ones, whilst they are in hospital, is substantial. Again thank you.

This year, my husband ran in the Edinburgh Marathon and I know the commitment involved in that undertaking – not just from the person running but the sacrifices the whole family make to enable it to happen. He knows that his fundraising went straight to a patient in need and that gave him an enormous sense of achievement – that his efforts made a difference to someone else.

That is why I wanted to let you know what you have managed to achieve and to thank you yet again for entrusting us to direct the monies to either research, continuing to support patients and caregivers and raising awareness of PMP and other appendix cancers.

From myself and all of the other trustees of Pseudomyxoma Survivor – thank you.


Susan Oliver, Chair and Trustee
Pseudomyxoma Survivor