Remembering Corinne

Remembering Corinne

This post is dedicated to a wonderful lady by the name of Corinne Ellis who sadly passed away from Pseudomyxoma Peritonei on February 23rd 2012 after a short battle with the disease, aged 62 years.

Corinne leaves behind her children Carl, Lisa, Lindsay and Mark.

Although I never got the pleasure of meeting Corinne face to face, I had extensive email and text contact with her eldest son Carl throughout her illness and finally got to speak with Corinne on the phone just a few weeks before she sadly lost her fight.

Corinne’s funeral will be held Monday 5th March 2012 followed by a wake held at the Gommersal Park Hotel.

Corinne’s family have kindly requested no flowers and instead for donations to be forwarded to the Pseudomyxoma Survivor fund.

It is moments like this where the charity work that I do really hits home, and on a personal level leaves me with a heavy heart and extremely humbled that I had the chance to try to make a difference even when unfortunately the outcome was not as we hoped for.

I would like to take this opportunity to send Carl and all the family my heartfelt condolences and thank them from the bottom of my heart for all their support for the charity.

Dawn x x


Letter From Heaven

© Crystal Baptiste
Hey everybody,
I hope this doesn’t reach you too late.
I don’t want you to worry,
Because life up here is great.

I can’t wait for you to see the beauty of heaven,
But I know it’s not your time.
I really miss you guys,
But I know you’ll be just fine.

You know I can see you right,
So please stop shedding tears.
You guys, I’m perfectly fine,
So conquer all your fears.

I’ll be watching your every move.
Relax! I won’t spill your beans.
But stop all those naughty things you do,
Because you know there’s nothing He can’t see.

I need you to come here to meet me,
But not if you misbehave,
So please keep God in your heart,
And you’ll be safe and saved.

Hey guys I know you miss me.
It’s really hard not to.
But please, please stop grieving,
Because you’re making me sad too.

You guys have been a great family,
And I am truly blessed.
You’ve raised me through my earthly life,
Now God will do the rest.

He’s really a great person,
And an even better friend,
So I’m in great hands,
And on Him you can also depend.

Oh boy, I’m getting carried away.
I want to say so many things,
But I really have to go now,
Because today I’m getting my wings.

Bye you guys, love you forever and a day!

P.S.: Be good. I’ll be watching!!!